AUSTIN, Texas, September 15 2022 — Sigo Seguros, the insurtech startup enabling mobility for immigrant and working-class communities, has grown exponentially due to demand from the Latinx community for fair auto insurance. Sigo Seguros has served thousands of drivers this year with transparent pricing directly from their mobile devices.

With their first insurance product launched in Texas through their bilingual platform, Sigo Seguros has reached a mass audience of Spanish-speaking Texan drivers in need of affordable and transparent coverage. "I did everything online, it was really fast, and everything was sent via email. The price was good and I only paid my first month of coverage, unlike other companies who require a minimum down payment of $250. I recommend [Sigo Seguros]!” - Karen Hernandez

“The positive customer feedback through this hypergrowth period has validated the market,” says Nestor Hugo Solari, CEO of Sigo Seguros and the son of Uruguayan immigrants. “Our technology has driven underwriting profitability while allowing customers to onboard digitally for the first time.”

Sigo Seguros is the only insurance company in the United States digitally onboarding Spanish speakers and provides a bilingual experience with automated underwriting. Customers with foreign identification can go to the Sigo Seguros site on their phone and leave with proof of insurance, without paying excessive agent fees or being penalized for things like credit score or immigration status. The approach has given thousands of Latinx families a product they were in desperate need of for decades.

Solari notes that there are several communities beyond Spanish speakers that need better auto insurance and that Sigo Seguros aspires to serve immigrant and working-class communities across the country. When asked what inspires Solari he answered, “Building the future our communities deserve.”